Of all the causes of blindness, glaucoma is the second most common and affects more than three million Americans. At Palm Beach Eye Clinic in West Palm Beach, FL, we offer glaucoma treatment plans for patients that can help prevent the condition from worsening and enable patients to maintain optimal eyesight.

What Is Glaucoma Treatment?

Glaucoma is a common eye disease that results when fluid builds up in the forefront of the eye, resulting in increased pressure, which causes optic nerve damage. The optic nerve connects to the brain, so if left untreated, this condition can result in blindness. However, when detected early, patients can undergo a glaucoma treatment plan to address the cause of this condition, prevent the condition from worsening, and maintain eye health.

Patients over the age of 40 with a family history of glaucoma are at risk of developing this condition, as are those who take certain medications, suffer from specific health conditions, have been diagnosed with nearsightedness or farsightedness, or have eye problems relating to a thinning cornea or optic nerve, among others.

Our Treatments

If you are experiencing a form of glaucoma, the first step is an initial consultation and eye exam. A physical exam is the primary way to diagnose the severity of your condition and then determine the best course of action to restore full function and healing to the affected eye. We offer several glaucoma treatment options, including eye drops, a laser treatment option, and the popular OMNI® procedure.

Of all the available glaucoma treatment options, eye drops are the most common as they are a non-invasive, long-term solution for certain patients with this condition. These eye drops are prescribed to promote eye health, enable patients to maintain vision and reduce the pressure on the optic nerve to prevent further damage to the area. The primary purpose of eye drops as a glaucoma treatment is to prevent the condition from worsening.

Patients diagnosed with certain types of glaucoma may be good candidates for a laser treatment option to address their symptoms and keep the condition from worsening. Laser treatments can address the different types of glaucoma as needed. The laser will pinpoint the primary issue and promote eye drainage to reduce pressure.

Laser treatments are quick, pain-free, and allow patients to resume normal activities after the treatment.

The OMNI® Procedure

The OMNI® procedure uses a surgical device to reduce pressure in the eyes of patients suffering from primary, open-angle glaucoma. OMNI® provides an effective solution for patients with glaucoma because it addresses the three primary points of resistance during a single treatment:

Trabecular meshwork – trabeculectomy

Schlemm’s canal – canaloplasty

Collector channel – canaloplasty

Before this treatment, physicians had to attempt to determine the source of the issue causing the symptoms of glaucoma, but with this system, there’s now a way to address all three potential issues simultaneously. This minimally invasive glaucoma treatment uses a single tool to drain fluid from the eyes to reduce pressure and alleviate symptoms.

Patients suffering from glaucoma may benefit from the OMNI ® procedure because, unlike other treatment options that require a long-term commitment to prevent the worsening of symptoms, the OMNI® procedure is designed to permanently reduce pressure in the eyes causing glaucoma so that patients no longer need to rely on other solutions for prevention. Other treatment benefits include the following:

It can be combined with other procedures, including cataract surgery
It’s an outpatient procedure
The process itself only takes a few minutes
There’s no significant downtime
Patients can resume most normal activities within 24 hours of treatment

The OMNI® procedure is the quickest eye surgery available. Before beginning the process, we will discuss the primary options available to enhance your comfort, including anesthesia or sedatives. Then, an incision will be made to target the eye drainage points and reduce the pressure and fluid buildup, causing the symptoms of glaucoma.

The device delivers thermal energy to the area to support natural drainage and reduce inflammation. After completing the necessary surgical protocol with the device, incisions are closed, and the procedure will be complete.

After the procedure is over, you will need to follow some post-operative directives. You may be provided with some prescriptions to enhance your recovery and must use them as directed. You’ll also need to avoid using eye makeup and touching the eyes as directed. You will also be asked to temporarily discontinue any strenuous activity for the first several days. We will provide detailed instructions about how to recover after the OMNI® procedure is over.

Patients suffering from open-angle glaucoma who want a long-term solution to reduce pressure and allow optimal fluid drainage are good candidates for the OMNI® procedure. An initial consultation is necessary to evaluate your eyes, learn more about your symptoms, diagnose open-angle glaucoma, and design your surgical treatment plan.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are suffering from the symptoms of glaucoma, we can design a treatment plan to help target the source of those symptoms and help you find relief and experience optimal eye health. An initial consultation at our office is the first step in the treatment process, as it allows us to learn more about your symptoms, diagnose your condition, and move forward with your customized treatment plan.